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Design the unexpected.

Get people see there is beauty hidden when you defy the given thing.

Born in Argentina in 1981. Graduated in Industrial Design at the University of Buenos Aires. He was still a student when he joined Hugo Legaria’s studio. There he had the chance to work on the design of a wide variety of products from diverse fields such as home appliance, medical equipment, kitchenware, sportswear, etc. That provided him an expertise in the use of different materials and production techniques.
Later he started his own way and partnered industrial engineer Diego Weisse to create Coconut Lounge, a brand that offered a fresh approach to lounge spaces design.
Designing for Coconut allowed him to free his mind and begin to develop a distinctive design language. About his style he explains: ‘it is not that I’m particularly fond of a certain aesthetic, if there’s a similarity among my designs it is because I always try to defy the old archetypes and find new ways of solving things. Ultimately I don’t work to show people what they already seen but to bring them the unexpected.’


2012  Innovadores de América / Design
2009 1st Place INNOVAR – National Innovation Contest organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation / Industrial Design / Boogie Chair
2009 1st Place Empretec Contest.  Best Innovative and Dinamic Design Company / Coconut Lounge
Museo Colección Fortabat, Buenos Aires.
Museo de Arquitectura, Buenos Aires.
Museo Castagnino, Rosario.
Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires.